Bridge Technologies spans objective QoE at TV Connect 2014

At TV Connect 2014 Bridge Technologies will present a strong product portfolio for connected media operations, majoring on Objective QoE – the company’s solution for precision quality of experience monitoring.

Complementing Bridgetech’s second-generation OTT monitoring system, PocketProbe OTT monitoring apps for iOS and Android, and MicroAnalytics System for end-user devices, Objective QoE implements a new approach to quality of experience based on a range of criteria specific to digital media operations.

“It’s important to understand that QoE solutions to date have tended to be based on a subjective methodology and criteria derived from the telecoms industry, and this doesn’t make sense as a basis for evaluating digital media services,” says Simen K. Frostad, Chairman, Bridge Technologies. “In following this path, conventional QoE systems have gone up a blind alley and are not delivering the most useful and meaningful data to digital media operators.”


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