Broadpeak gives operators control over CDN allocation

French firm Broadpeak has introduced a new solution which offers content providers and pay-TV operators complete control over the allocation of video content to multiple Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).

The new solution, called umbrellaCDN, means that users can select the best CDN for live or VOD content at all times — according to various criteria — enabling them to provide the best possible quality of experience for end-users at the best possible cost.

Jacques Le Mancq, Broadpeak

Jacques Le Mancq, Broadpeak

“Content providers and operators are constantly looking for new ways to improve the video delivery process,” said Jacques Le Mancq, president and CEO of Broadpeak.

“umbrellaCDN perfectly complements our existing CDN solutions by enabling content operators and providers to balance traffic between multiple CDNs, with the end result being a superior quality of experience for high-value content and the best cost and quality trade-off for standard content.”

No installation is required within reception devices, enabling the umbrellaCDN solution to be deployed quickly. Content providers can create parameter-based rules according to a wide range of criteria, including end-user geo-location, end-user ISP, type of content and time of day or day of the week.

Rules are managed through three distinct modes: quality of service, where the chosen CDN is the one that offers the best quality in a given region; load balancing, whereby sessions are divided between several CDNs; and quotas, with a maximum number of sessions allocated to each CDN.

We spoke to Jacques LeMancq recently to discuss Asia’s new CDN trends – more details here.