Chello DMC

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Chello DMC is a third party media logistics partner specialising in international broadcasting, playout and content delivery

Chello DMC currently transmits over 70 channels across continental Europe, the UK, Middle East, Asia and South Africa including National Geographic Television, MGM, History, Extreme Sports Channel, CBS Reality, Playboy and others.

Chello DMC is owned by Chellomedia, an AMC Networks company and a leading international media company & distributor of channels, content and video services.


For the last decade we have been maximising the value of our customer's media. Never have our pioneering investments in people, platforms and processes been more relevant. Whilst the complexity of multi-territory, multi-platform services continues to grow - so does our capability to simplify them for your business. We continue to be at the forefront of Media Logistics.

Our customers trust us,

• to connect their business with our expertise
• to enrich more than 25000 media assets each month
• to publish their content to more than 100 affiliates and facilities
• to deliver more than 5000 hours of programming each and every day

We have the agility to solve the most complex problems
We have the economy of scale your operation demands
We are an extension of your team