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Gaming Connectis the place where you learn about the opportunity that the competitive entertainment offers to service providers encompassing telecom operators, content providers and channels, individual gaming developers and publishers, social media networks, ISPs. The vendor universe will also be engaged through sharing the latest developments in the delivery space and how software, the cloud and content (games) delivery networks can help to enhance the real-time experience in a multiplatform world.

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12:00 Chairman’s Welcome

William Cooper, CEO, Informitv

11:40 Opening Keynote: Defining the Ideal TV Game Service – Creating Loyalty and Usage by Meeting the Expectations of the Consumer

Francis Charig, Founder, Antix Labs

12:00 Keynote: Intertwining Gaming and TV Services to Offer Increased User Engagement

• Play-along gaming paving the way for TV content-based game creation
• Offering full 360 experience through games pre and post show to unlock levels
• Integrating the service across different platforms to make it truly Multiscreen
• Open standards becoming crucial for increased creativity of services

Jurian van der Meer, Managing Director, Endemol Games

12:20 Online Gaming Offered by Telcos as Means to Increase ARPU and Enhance Subscriber Base

Baris Polat, Service Design Manager, Turk Telekom

12:40 Gaming Services Changing the Game for Connected Pay TV Providers

• Redefining the relationship between TV and gaming
• Strategies for licensing streaming rights for games from major publishers
• Cloud Gaming as the future of TV
• Connected Gaming changing the concept for Social TV

Guy de Beer, Founder and CEO, Playcast Media

13:00 Networking Lunch and Exhibition Visit

14:30 Gaming & Operator strategies

• Several content initiatives from telcos are faltering, could gaming pick up the slack?
• Is gaming suited for OTT distribution?
• Cloud)-Gaming: hype or reality?
• Living-room consoles, Trojan horses or the last of the Mohicans?
• Is the hardcore gaming segment still worthwhile in the age of Angry Birds?

Benjamin Schwarz, Senior Consultant and Founder, CTO Innovation Consulting

14:50 Creating Family Friendly Games with Smart Devices acting as Remote Controls

• Pushing viewers eyeballs on to the TV rather than on to their companion screens
• Offering innovative entertainment for the whole family
• Overcoming connectivity challenges like delays and buffering
• Adding new meaning to multiscreen – various devices acting as main screens where the game could take place

James Parker, Lead Designer & Founder, Opposable Games

15:10 Reality Check for Online Gaming Service

• All-encompassing view on what can be done in the online gaming world
• Technology maturity between platforms
• Overview of the automated industry
• Cloud based gaming services – Do they work?
• Some solutions for synchronisation issues

Andrew Till, SVP and Head of Mobile and Media Devices Business Unit, Symphony Teleca

15:30 Panel Discussion: The Future Relationship between gaming providers and new entrants in the gaming industry like telecom operators and Pay TV Service Providers

Andrew Till, SVP and Head of Mobile and Media Devices Business Unit, Symphony Teleca Atif Unaldi, President of IPTV Association in Turkey & Social Media and e-Commerce Director, Demsa Group Mirek Smyk, Managing Director, MSCG

16:00 Networking Coffee Break & Exhibition Visit

16:40 TV Centric Casual Games : How to Leverage Today’s Trends and Technologies to Build Innovation & ARPU

• Welcome to the casual game era! Will casual game boost pay-TV after having conquered appstores & Facebook?
• Gaming on TV: Technology is making casual games available for all – and redistributing the cards towards advanced social & multiscreen gameplays.
• Gaming with TV: the emergence of Playalong™ experiences becomes a key driver to engage viewers with TV

Colas Overkott, CEO, Visiware

17:00 Adding Gaming to your VoD & OTT Portfolio

• Using game consoles for watching IP-delivered content
• Creating the content strategy for OTT service providers
• What are the ROIs from including gaming on your library
• Increasing user engagement by gamification of video content

Wesley Dodd, Chief Executive, Celebro Media Networks

17:20 Close of Gaming Connect



Devices Connectwill identify how device manufacturers can work with the device component ecosystem to optimise the role and capability of devices within the future of connected entertainment. With a focus on TVs, Tablets, SmartPhones, Laptops, Set-Top-Boxes and Home Gateways, Devices Connect is where you need to be to understand how devices will converge in the future and what future demands users and connected entertainment developments will place on the UI and UX of future devices.

STB and Home Gateway Optimisation

11:30 Chairman’s Welcome Address

11:40 Delivering a New Operator Home Gateway Services Architecture

• Bringing together software modularity, M2M, and device abstraction
• Testing and diagnostics for new Home Gateway service frameworks

Senior Representative, HGI

12:00    Advanced Conversational Interfaces for Television

• The challenges for programmers and service providers with the fragmentation happening in television and video

• Why traditional solutions and usability paradigms cannot “grow” into meeting these challenges for search, navigation and discovery of content

• The role of emerging semantic technologies in providing the next generation usability

• Universal interfaces that provide intelligent, natural and intuitive usability

• Conversational interfaces as the most advanced universal interfaces that allow users to converse with devices and applications with naturally spoken language

Sam Vasisht, CMO, Veveo, USA

Next Generation TV UI

12:20 Increase Customer Loyalty, Product Personalization with Next-Gen TV UI

• Using voice, facial-recognition and gestures to access content
• Ensuring a consistent UX across all future STBs and TVs

Hanni Doch, Senior Director, Devices and Converged Products, Rogers Communications, Canada

12:40 Networking Lunch and Exhibition Visit

14:30 Optimising the Technology to Provide Natural User Interfaces across all Consumer Devices

• Guaranteeing a consistent UX for different nextgen UI users
• Identifying the technology that will create ubiquitous next-gen UI

Jeremy Kramskoy, Senior Technologist – Mobile & Dual Screen, BBC, UK

Optimising TV and Mobile Displays for Ultra-HD and Beyond

14:50 Optimising the TV to Deliver and Immersive Ultra-HD Experience in 2D and 3D

• Delivering an amazing Ultra-HD experience with quality TV components
• Effectively up scaling HD and low-res content

Senior Representative, CEA

14:50 Delivering a Consistent Ultra-HD QoE

• Identifying essential Ultra-HD quality assurance technologies
• Can a consistent Ultra-HD QoE be provided independent of the network?

15:10 Close of Devices Connect

* Subject to final confirmation



Creative Connectwill be an interactive day long session focussing on the multiplatform opportunity for content producers. It will be looking more closely at the creation of content from start to finish. This will be a very interactive session looking specifically at the role of the content creator, and with the rise of new technologies and open platforms can now drive innovation in the industry. It will include case studies from key independent production houses from UK and internationally discussing their digital production strategies.

11:30 Chairman’s Welcome Address

11:40 Evolving advertising strategies in a post linear TV eco-system

• Overcoming the challenges of an increasingly fragmented audience
• Adapting to real time responses of consumers on other devices
• Improving the brand experience for the consumer
• Optimising the customer experience in an OTT environment

Paul Wright, Chief Digital Officer, Omicom Media Group

12:00 Adding interactivity to the traditional advertising experience

• Providing a click through function to the consumer
• Changing the way campaigns are run to adapt to a transmedia market
• Assessing the commercial opportunity of inprogramme insertion of a brand advertising
• Are brands understanding the potential new market presented to them?

Norm Johnston, Global Digital Leader, Mindshare

12:20 Panel Discussion: Does increased choice and targeting improve the advertising experience?

• Can TV advertising engage rather than disrupt?
• Will new technology allow a more targeted and direct consumer experience?
• Should TV advertising be at the centre of a 360 view of customer engagement?
• Putting IPTV advertising into context of an overall broadcast marketing strategy

Norm Johnston, Global Digital Leader, Mindshare
Paul Wright, Chief Digital Officer, Omicom Media Group
Andy Hood, Creative Director, AKQA
Keith Johnson, President, UK, CTVMA

13:00 Networking Lunch & Exhibition Visit Increasing Consumer Interactivity to Extend Advertising Revenues

14:30 Enabling a new advertising model through Shazam

• Innovating in creating a new method of brand promotion
• Working with multinational brands to create an interactive digital platform
• Taking telescopic advertising strategies to the next level
• Taking the consumer away from the traditional brand experience

Miles Lewis, VP Advertising, Shazam

14:50 Offering advertising packages across multiple devices

• Creating a cross platform offering to the consumer
• Utilizing the intertextual nature of Sky’s content
• Allowing the consumer to access content via all screens
• Understanding the emerging relevance of a 4 screen advertising strategy

Tim Hussain, Head of Platform Development and Partnerships, BSkyB

15:10 Panel Discussion: Can IPTV and OTT allow for a more targeted and profitable advertising strategy?

• Are advertisers and broadcasters seeing an ROI in IPTV?
• Will advertising continue to get more targeted at specific demographics?
• Understanding whether brands will use ad insertion on IPTV programmes
• Should the advertisers be forming stronger relationships with the telcos?

15:30 Close of Creative Connect