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Learn the importance of content partnerships within the connected industry, the benefits of creating a great TV user experience and understanding the role of gamification as a content enabler


Chairman’s Welcome

Colin Dixon
Founder and Principal Analyst



Orange France Telecom’s UI Innovation

  • Understanding the role of content partnerships
  • Analysing the role of content consumption – do we now have to cater for the ‘Binge viewer’ in programming strategies?
  • What is the role of OTT in driving Orange’s future content consumption strategies?

Christian Bombrun
VP Marketing, Entertainment and Digital Services
Orange France Telecom


Creating a great TV user experience

  • Defining great user experience
  • What are the key focus points to become leader in user experience?
  • Case study KPN

Maurice van Koopen
Head of User experience TV


The Cinematic User Interface

The future interface on TV will be just as dynamic as TV content. The cinematic user interface will go further, seamlessly blend with TV shows and overcome many of the current challenges, namely improved content discovery, new ways to monetize content and delivering new content formats.
Service providers, broadcasters and content owners will be able to create signature experiences that build on the heritage of TV extending the channel model into the digital. Smart interstitials and notification systems will enable new forms of advertising in an on-demand environment. The TV experience will be dynamic, responding to the audience's context no matter whether in the living room or on the go.
Just like TV, it is based on motion making it native to the medium. In the end, the TV experience language that defines the cinematic UI does more than just making TV work. It delights and engages the user. It's entertainment in itself.

Fabian Birgfeld
W12 Studios

Mike Albers
W12 Studios


Networking Lunch and Exhibition Visit



Android TV for Premium & PayTV services

  • What does Android TV offer for Premium & Pay TV deployments?
  • How can operators customize Android TV for their needs and requirements?
  • What opportunities does the open Android ecosystem provide to operators?
  • How can Google services like Search and Voice Recognition be leveraged for PayTV?

Sascha Prueter
Head of Android TV Program Management


Optimisations for Carrier-Grade OTT TV Solution

Weijen Lee
VP TV and Cloud Computing Solutions


Driving New OTT Strategies and Innovation

  • Understanding the role of gamification as a content enabler
  • Analysing the potential impact of the industry
  • Creating gaming models that impact on the contemporary UI

Luc Perreault
VP Government Relations
The Weather Network


‘EE TV case study: why are we focusing on innovative features and multi-screen experience?’

  • EE strategic positioning in the competitive UK market
  • EE TV product: differentiation through innovation – the best TV box
  • EE TV proposition: the best value Quad-Play
  • EE TV launch: an end-to-end approach securing a fast Time-to-Market
  • EE TV going forward: mobile centric and multi-screen

Sylvain Thevenot
Marketing Director, Home Broadband


From Binge-to-Revenue: Key Strategies for Monetizing & Retaining SVoD Subscribers

  • Analyzing the emerging SVoD market and the range of its impact on providers and consumers
  • Providing an overview of the changing VOD / OTTtv landscape
  • Examining methods for providing a frictionless customer experience and whether this can boost subscriber numbers
  • Sharing real-world example of how an organization built a 40 million Euro subscription quickly

Adrian Jenkins
VP Europe


Networking Break and Exhibition Visit


Creating the Tank Top User Experience

  • Assessing whether gaming can exist successfully on smart tv
  • Creating gaming platforms to fit smart tv business models
  • Will we see the death of the traditional game console?

Liz Rice


Understand how new devices are impacting the evolution of the User Experience, learn the importance of interoperability to the device market and hear case studies on continued innovation in the Consumer Electronic market.


Chairman's Welcome

William Cooper


How To: Bringing Media Channels to Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV can help you increase your customer base by putting your content in even more living rooms, in front of people who enjoy entertainment. In this presentation, learn from Amazon's engineering team at Lab126 about Fire TV's capabilities and how you can quickly get your media channel on Amazon Fire TV as an app using their web app starter kit. You'll also hear from an Amazon developer about their work in building a great experience for Fire TV, and see demos of content apps in action.

Russell BeatieEngineer


Revisiting the age-old question: Is Middleware Obsolete?

TV technologies change dramatically over the years:

  • The cloud has made TV operations less dependent upon location.
  • Standardized software architectures like RDK, YouView and HbbTV have clarified what client-side software should look like.
  • HTML5 has promised a standard approach to video playback.

This and other standardization has led some to think that middleware is something optional. This session will tell you why the need is actually greater than ever, if service providers are to successfully differentiate their offerings for consumers.

Steven Hawley
Principal Analyst
TV Strategies


Assessing the Importance of Interoperability to the device market

  • Understanding the continued importance of interoperability
  • Creating successful business models around this

Peter Simpson
VP Marketing


Networking Lunch and Exhibition Visit


Building new capabilities for the digital video world

  • Leveraging the opportunities presented by digital video, new players are entering the market, capturing consumers’ imaginations – and their wallets.
  • What new agile video distribution strategies and associated capabilities are essential to compete in this new ecosystem?
  • Balancing cost with revenues in a more value-for-money conscious world
  • Building B2C relationships across all digital channels
  • Positioning technology to help guide the digital journey
  • Operating with broadcast availability and broadband flexibility

Sef Tuma
Managing Director
Accenture Digital Services


Panel Discussion: Will moving UI to the cloud mean the death of Set Top Boxes?

  • Are we witnessing the last generation of set top boxes?
  • Are innovations such as Chromecast leading to their demise?
  • How can the Set Top Box fight back?

Luc Perreault
VP Distribution and Government Relations
The Weather Network

Simon Leadlay
Director Product Marketing

Diedrik Rosenbaum
Director TV and Propositions


Vestel TV Case Study

  • Case study of Vestel’s continued innovation in the Consumer Electronic market

Metin Salt
General Manager, Vestel Electronics Research and Development Corp


An Update on where UHD now lies

  • What makes 4k more important to the industry than 3D?
  • Can 4k successfully gain mass viewer engagement?
  • What have been the key developments in the past 12 months?
  • Will 4K still be the buzzword at TV Connect 2016?

Brett Sappington
Director of Research
Parks Associates


Demonstrating the capabilities of LTE Broadcast - eMBMS Showcase

Huawei will demonstrate the game changing technology that LTE Broadcast can have on the Connected Entertainment industry by giving this EXCLUSIVE onsite demonstration.

Introduced by:
Matt Stagg

Principal Strategist

Presentations from:
Brett Sappington

Director of Research
Parks Associates


How to move towards an interoperable Smart Home

One of the key issues surrounding the Smart Home is how to create an industry-accepted definition of Smart Home devices and overcome the communication problems that arise by having several or more devices from different manufacturers in one ecosystem. HGI’s Smart Device Template, published in draft form earlier this year, aims to address this problem by establishing a common syntax for Smart Home device models.
The SDT schema is essential to solving the communication conundrum created by the many different applications and devices that are coming to the market. The SDT is the cornerstone of an abstraction layer approach in the Smart Home, comprising both schema and a set of modules. The abstraction layer isolates applications, both in the cloud and on the Home Network, from the multiplicity of local network protocols and device drivers. This enables applications to communicate easily with smart devices, regardless of the technology type or the communication protocol used by the device. The end goal is to make the SDT available to the industry for use in applications, such as, Smart Home platforms operated by telecommunications service providers.
In this presentation, HGI’s Chief Technology and Business Officer Duncan Bees will outline how the SDT represents the next step in achieving a fully interoperable Smart Home, why this is so important and how manufacturers will be able to use the document to progress the Smart Home market even further.

Duncan Bees
Chief Business and Intelligence Officer


Hear how Data Analytics impacts consumer behaviour, learn how to create advertising strategies that utilise Big Data and understand how utilisation of data will increase the user experience.


Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Andrew McLennan
President and Chief Analyst


GAFAs ready to challenge TV's branding claim with Big Data?

Cedric Torossian
Founder and CEO
TrendSpotting Media


Understanding the direct impact Big Data is having on the User Experience

  • Assessing the role of big data on the User Experience
  • Creating apps that utilise big data
  • Using apps to engage with the consumer

James McDavid
Senior Analyst, New Media


Assessing the evolution of Digital Ad Insertion

  • Understanding the role of the second screen
  • Assessing the potential impact of Chromecast
  • Analysing are broadcasters fully prepared

Brett Sappington
Director of Research
Parks Associates


How to prepare, launch and operate a successful OTT service

  • Content is still king so get the strategy right
  • Choosing the right technology to enhance your content
  • The importance of marketing and promotion
  • Use the analytics – observe, understand, learn and adapt

Mihai Crasneanu
Grey Juice Lab


Creating Advertising Strategies that Utilise Big Data

  • How is big data driving multiplatform advertising?
  • Case studies of successful big data strategies

Chris Moon
Head of Insights and Analytics
Telegraph Hill


How will utilisation of data increase the User Experience?

  • Assessing whether data fundamentally changes the user experience
  • What is the future of personalisation?
  • Can Connected TV be the central ground for UX innovation?

Keith Johnson
Connected TV Society


Close of Big Data Connect and Connected Innovation Theatre