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A major talking point of last year’s show the TV App Hub will continue to grow, as multiscreen and smart TV apps come to dominate the marketplace. This will give developers, who are an increasing presence at the show, an opportunity to discuss and discover how to have success in the connected entertainment app space.

After the success of the workshop they ran last March, Google have already confirmed to be major partners, and will run the opening Google TV Workshop for the second year in a row. The content will be free to all independent app developers, who wish to gain an understanding of how they can develop and monetise multiplatform applications, across many platforms.

Following on from Google, other major big name speakers look set to confirm from throughout the app ecosystem to discuss the huge opportunity Smart TVs and the second screen present to traditional developers. The TV App Hub has expanded its area on the show floor to allow for more interactivity and creativity over the two days of app developer content.