Intel’s Huggers confirms online TV service

Erik Huggers, VP of Intel MediaErik Huggers, VP of Intel Media

Erik Huggers, VP of Intel Media

Another juicy industry titbit was divulged yesterday (Tuesday 12th February) at All Things Digital’s Dive into Media conference, with Erik Huggers, corporate VP of Intel Media, taking the stage to confirm that his company is working on an over-the-top (OTT) TV service for launch later this year.

Huggers is quoted by online news source GigaOM as saying that the service will be bundled with a consumer electronics device that Intel will sell through retailers and via its website: “It is an Intel-powered device… with beautiful industrial design,” he said.

The Intel VP added that he is confident content deals will be signed with “all major players” before launch of the service, which will include both linear and on-demand programming.

Huggers also indicated that the service will feature a comprehensive range of catch-up TV, akin in scope to the BBC’s iPlayer service which he worked on previous to his tenure at Intel.

This service is unlikely to ditch the existing model of channel bundles, although Huggers indicated that these bundles could be made smarter and more flexible, adding: “I don’t believe that the industry is ready for pure à la carte.”

This news follows yesterday’s revelation by Nancy Tellem, President of Microsoft’s Entertainment and Digital Media division, that her company is working on developing interactive TV shows for the Xbox Live service, to be launched by the end of 2013

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