Motorola breaks megapixel barrier with new video transcoder

Motorola Mobility is claiming a world first with its new 3-gigapixel video transcoder, designed to enable rich, multi-screen HD and SD everywhere experiences from a slim, energy-efficient unit.

The Motorola GT-3 ABR Transcoder is capable of processing up to 3bn pixels of video content every second – equivalent to nearly 50 full resolution HD programmes – and supports up to 24 inputs and up to 16 output streams per input programme.

“The GT-3 is a leap-frog technology that addresses the future of TV: HD, DVR and on-demand media on multiple devices, wherever consumers want it,” said Joe Cozzolino, Motorola Mobility SVP and GM, Network Infrastructure. “It can deliver all the content to all the devices that today’s consumers expect, with the transcoding performance to scale to tomorrow’s connected ecosystem.”

Editor’s view: This new video transcoder should provide a much-needed fillip to Motorola’s video business, at a time when owner Google is rumoured to be pondering further job cuts for its new acquisition.