Thomson Broadcast “off to a flying start”

Having recently finalised its new financial and management structure, French firm Thomson Broadcast reports that it has entered an energetic new phase and has already secured a “very large deal” for a long-term broadcast infrastructure project.

Now part of the Arelis Group, Thomson Broadcast expects to benefit from expanded research and development resources that will help the company spread development costs and get innovative technologies to the market more rapidly.

“The long history of Thomson Broadcast – a pioneer since the earliest days of broadcasting – has entered an energetic new phase,” said Pascal Veillat, CEO of Arelis Group. “We are on a strong growth trajectory, with ambitious targets over the next three years.

“The Thomson Broadcast brand continues unchanged, and our programme of new product launches continues through 2013, with particular focus on the Futhura range and developments in the radio product portfolio. And we have got off to a great start in 2013 with a very large deal for a long-term broadcast infrastructure project.”

Thomson Broadcast was acquired by French technology-focused Arelis Group in December 2012, and the deal is expected to bring secure long-term funding from a mixture of private venture capital and government sources, with senior management taking an ownership stake.